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MEXICO | Incognito

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FLAVOR: Caramel, Fruit, Nut, Spice

    This is a Fair Trade, organic certified, coffee from Mexico's Impacto Transformador, a cooperative of organized small producers from Chiapas, with a focus on sustainable and environmental practices while producing a top-quality product that provides a dignified income source.

    The first coffee plants were probably brought to Mexico around 1785, most likely from Cuba or what is now the Dominican Republic. There are reports of plantations in the region of Veracruz in 1790. Today, Mexico produces quite a range of coffees across its regions, from lighter-bodied, delicate coffees to sweeter coffees with caramel, toffee or chocolate flavours in the cup.

    HEALTH BENEFIT: Nerve Growth Factors (NGFs) found in Lions Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) is documented to support overall brain health. 

    Hericium Erinaceus, more commonly known as Lion’s Mane, is one of the best-known functional mushrooms and has a long culinary and medicinal tradition. In Asian countries such as China, India, Japan, and Korea, Lion's Mane has been used for millennia to support neurological and digestive issues.

    Today, scientists have been intently studying Lion's Mane's neurotrophic and adaptogenic properties. Animal studies suggest that Lion's Mane supports a host of neurological functions such as memory loss and may even combat degenerative brain diseases. 

    Aside from Lion's Mane's magical neurological benefits, it has also shown promise in relieving mild symptoms of depression and anxiety, accelerating recovery from nervous system injuries, protecting against ulcers, reducing heart risk, helping manage symptoms of diabetes, reducing inflammation, and boosting the immune system. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Roberto S
    Great Customer Service

    I created an order on MycoFi and it was not delivered to my PO Box. I contacted customer support but they are unable to find any trace of my order but sent a new shipment right away

    Heather C
    No upset stomach

    I've been searching for a legit mushroom coffee and I think I may have found it! The MycoFi coffee is so smooth and delicious and doesn't upset my stomach like other coffees do. So happy to have finally found a decent coffee without any of the side effects!

    Alison W
    I like it!

    I used to drink coffee from all these fancy roasters. I bought beans from all over the world and roasted them myself. I had my own lab with a Chemex and everything. My wife got me a box of Mexican MycoFi and it was like: WHOA! A whole new world opened up for me! Seriously, this is some awesome mushroom coffee.

    Derrick M
    legit tasty

    I have never tasted a coffee as unique as Incognito Mexico. If you are looking for a coffee that is rich, refined, and complex, this is the one for you. I have been drinking mushroom coffee for years and have no found anything similar to this one.

    Natalie H
    Drik it black

    I drink coffee every day and I've tried nearly every brand that's out there. But I haven't found anything as good as Incognito Mexico. It's so easy to drink. And you don't need to add any sugar or milk for it to taste good. It's so refreshing!

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