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About Us - old

MycoFi began with the simple idea that mushroom coffee can be good for you and also *gasp* taste amazing.

You see, as a full-fledged science nerd with a degree in biology, a life-long fascination with fungi, and a passion for specialty coffee, I was deeply disappointed in mushroom coffee the first time I tried it. 

And the second time.  And the third.  Ok, every time, really.

The problem is, most mushroom coffees are made with low-quality ingredients and seriously lack flavor. And in most cases, the integrity and potency of the mushrooms are… questionable.

So, I decided to roll up my sleeves and do something about it. And that’s how MycoFi was born. 

I’ve sought out the best mushroom cultivators and small-hold coffee producers and taste-tested hundreds of blends to create a specialty mushroom coffee I’m proud to serve to my friends and family. 

And now we’re ready to disrupt the whole industry with a game-changing brew we’re sure you’re going to love too. 

Try it Yourself!

Ryan lives in Vancouver with his fiancée, Crystal. When he’s not busy blending up a better brew, you can find him sampling specialty coffee shops, foraging for wild mushrooms (or cultivating his own), fly fishing, or skiing.  

Bonus - What's in a Name?

Ever wonder how we named our brand? 

Mycology: the branch of biology focused on the study of fungi.

Fidelity: continued loyalty and support to a person, cause, or belief. 

We believe in the therapeutic power of functional mushrooms and are committed to providing the highest-quality mushroom products possible. 

Mycology + Fidelity = MycoFi