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Upgrade Your Morning Ritual

Indulge in specialty whole bean coffee that's been sustainably sourced and infused with organic Lion's Mane to support digestion and cognitive function.*

Enjoy Maximum Mushroom Power

Each cup contains 10x the functional mushrooms found in other brews. Organic, natural cultivation methods for the most robust mushrooms available.

Brew it your way

Specialty whole beans, so you can brew your morning cup your favorite way - from French press to AeroPress.

The First Real Specialty Mushroom Coffee

Enthusiast Grade Specialty Coffee + Scientifically Backed Mushrooms

More Mushrooms

Organic Ingredients

Fair Trade

Single Origin

Lab Tested

Plant Based

A New Kind of Mushroom Coffee

WE'VE RAISED THE BAR (but really, it wasn’t that hard)

Most mushroom coffees are pre-ground or, worse, instant, which compromises taste and limits your brewing options. On top of that, the quality and potency of the mushroom infusions can sometimes be… questionable. So, we've raised the bar and set a new standard— by sourcing enthusiast-grade specialty coffee and carefully cultivated, organic functional mushrooms. Happy brewing!

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MycoFi gives you more value per cup. Just $2.00 per serving.

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Got Questions? We Got Answers

For real, does it taste good?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on sourcing top-quality ingredients and spend a lot of time in "R&D" mode, tasting and pairing different coffee varieties with the highest quality functional mushrooms. Mushrooms add a balancing sweetness that’s so subtle that most people can’t detect it. We're so confident you'll love the taste, we offer a Great Taste Guarantee! If you don't like it, send it back for a refund (see our Return Policy Page here for details).

What do you mean by "100% Fruiting Bodies"?

Be wary when shopping around for medicinal/functional/adaptogenic mushroom products! Many claim to be pure mushrooms, but often they contain any combination of fruiting body, mycelium, sclerotium, spore, and substrate (usually grain). 

Research has indicated that most of the beneficial compounds are concentrated in the fruiting bodies, which is why MycoFi uses extracts derived from 100% fruiting bodies. The other factor to consider is that mycelium (which can be thought of like a root structure) grows into its substrate (grain in most cases) and is impossible to completely separate. Therefore, products that include mycelium are likely diluted down by grain.

Where is MycoFi Made?

MycoFi's mushroom coffee products are proudly made in Vancouver, Canada. 

Coffee beans are sourced worldwide from small-hold farmers, and we routinely rotate our selections according to seasonality, supply, and desired taste profiles. 

Mycological ingredients are sourced from certified organic cultivators from China. Why China? Simple. China is the global leader in cultivating high-quality mushrooms and has been doing so for millennia. Learn more about China’s mushroom growing history here.

Why don't you use valved bags?

Being a small quantity producer gives us the flexibility to sufficiently de-gas our products before packaging. At first, we were skeptical about not using a valved bag, but after testing our packaging extensively, we found that the taste profiles of our blends remained excellent. And choosing to use a non-valved bag also allows us to have more creative, earth-friendly packaging. Some customers have even turned our boxes into home decor!

Is your coffee really specialty coffee?

Yes! Erna Knutsen coined the term "Specialty Coffee" in 1978, and it simply meant "special geographic microclimates producing beans with unique flavor profiles." Today, the term is commonly understood to mean coffee that has been treated with the utmost respect - from dirt to cup, to preserve each bean's unique taste. The team at MycoFi honors the tradition of specialty coffee by carefully selecting green beans from sustainable small-hold farmers and roasting each batch to perfection to bring out its distinctive flavor.

Hmmm, can I try before I buy?

We're confident that you'll love MycoFi; that's why we have a Great Taste Guarantee! But if you're still not sure, enjoy a brew on us! Simply subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram @myco_fi , then shoot us a message on Instagram to let us know that you would like a sample :)

Are these "Magical"?

We sure think so! Medicinal Mushrooms such as Lion's Mane are a bit magical when it comes to supporting brain health, but they won't transport you to other dimensions. :)