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Pour-overs are one of our favourite techniques! Convenient, fast, precise, and tasty! What's not to like?

Brewing MycoFi with a Pour-over set-up is like brewing any other high quality specialty coffee. We just recommend you grind slightly coarser. Since MycoFi is packed with ultra-fine mushroom extracts, a coarser grind helps re-balance extractions. You might notice that your brew times are a bit longer as well.

Here's our quick and simple recipe using a V60.

Coffee to Water Ratio: 60g/L or 15g/cup

Time: 5 mins

The recipe

  1. Boil water.
  2. Place the cone filter and rinse hot water.
  3. Measure, grind (medium-fine), and add MycoFi. With a spoon, create a small well in the middle of the grounds.
  4. Place set-up on a scale and tare.
  5. Pour enough water to saturate the grinds (try to stay under 2-3x the amount of coffee used).
  6. Let the grounds "bloom" for 45 seconds.
  7. Add the remaining water by pouring (easiest with a gooseneck kettle) in a slow, circular pattern. Try to complete the pour in ~45 seconds).
  8. Give the whole rig a gentle swirl to help level the grounds.
  9. Wait until fully percolated, and enjoy!