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PERU | MycoFi Monthly

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TASTING NOTES: Bright, Spice, and Berry, with Balanced Acidity & Sweetness.

    This lot of coffee was provided by Perunor, a Peruvian coffee collective. The coffee is grown under forest shadow, in jungle environments, and is beneficial for biodiversity and birds, as well as the natural environment. Cultivation also follows strict quality control systems. From initial planting to harvesting and environmental conservation well after the crop. The farmers participate in regular training sessions to continue to improve the systems already in place that are funded by coffee sales and by organizations such as the World Bank.

    The shade-grown coffee by Perunor is produced in soil rich in organic matter and naturally occurring minerals. The cherry shells are used to create organic compost used to enhance the acidity of the soil. The coffee trees are shaded by native trees with heights ranging from 12-30m, which follows their environmental conservation philosophy.

    Furthermore, farmers partake in small committees that comprise the Selva Andina Association. Through these groups, the farmers participate in community efforts to further enhance their environments. The coffee produced by the Perunor farmers meets international standards for excellence and is consistently a high standard organic specialty coffee.

    HEALTH BENEFIT: Nerve Growth Factors (NGFs) found in Lions Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) is documented to support overall brain health. 

      Hericium Erinaceus, more commonly known as Lion’s Mane, is one of the best-known functional mushrooms and has a long culinary and medicinal tradition. In Asian countries such as China, India, Japan, and Korea, Lion's Mane has been used for millennia to support neurological and digestive issues.

      Today, scientists have been intently studying Lion's Mane's neurotrophic and adaptogenic properties. Animal studies suggest that Lion's Mane supports a host of neurological functions such as memory loss and may even combat degenerative brain diseases. 

      Aside from Lion's Mane's magical neurological benefits, it has also shown promise in relieving mild symptoms of depression and anxiety, accelerating recovery from nervous system injuries, protecting against ulcers, reducing heart risk, helping manage symptoms of diabetes, reducing inflammation, and boosting the immune system. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Alexandra B
      wife approved

      got it for my wife who's been trying to find a nice mushroom coffee to drink black. She seems to enjoy it so far and says its much smoother than other brands

      Christopher B
      so far so good

      just received and tried my first brew. Taste great as advertised. Don't feel anything yet but it's my first time trying mushroom coffee and not sure what I'm looking for.

      James L
      Better than regular coffee

      I used to be a huge "regular" coffee drinker, but after I started using MycoFi I don't even touch the stuff anymore. It tastes so much better and is healthier for you, too! The best part is that it doesn't give me a crash either, so I can enjoy some energy all day long.

      Jennifer S
      perfect stocking stuffer

      just bought my family a few boxes for christmas. They all really enjoyed it and are planning to order more! (with their own money)

      Thomas J
      No Mushroom Taste!

      Mushrooms aren't my thing, but MycoFi tastes nothing like them. It's an excellent flavor, and I love it. It has helped me get through the day when I need to focus on work or my brain is feeling sluggish. Highly recommended!

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